Here are current statistics about the costs of these varieties of care:

    Nursing homes:  The national average rates for a private room in a nursing home increased by 4.4%, or from $229/day to $239/day.  The average annual cost for a private room are $87,235!

    Assisted living:  Monthly private-pay base rates--room and board/two daily meals/housekeeping--for one-bedroom apartments or private rooms with private baths increased by 5.6%, or $41,724/year!

    Home care services:  Costs unchanged year-to-year:  $20/hour.

Here's more:



The National Association of Home Builders, collaborating with MetLife's Mature Market Institute, recently conducted a study to determine Baby Boomers' current housing preferences.  The study concludes that the ongoing recession has resulted in buyers' increasing focus on economic issues, with a decreasing focus on design considerations. 
The study, "Housing Trends Update for the 55+ Market," can be found here.  The figure above illustrates the current distribution of housing choices for the aging Boomer market.

According to a
recent report, living on a cruise ship might be a less expensive--and certainly more entertaining!--alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.  Think about it:  The services on a cruise ship--anytime meals, physician access, cabin services--are at least equal to the best amenities in a senior housing facility. 

Doctor Lee Lindquist, instructor of medicine at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, obsererves that a cruise ship "could be considered a floating assisted living facility.  
"Seniors who enjoy travel, have good or excellent cognitive function and require some assistance with activities of daily living are the ideal candidates for cruise ship care," Lindquist says.


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