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As you faithful visitors have undoubtedly guessed, the Great Places Blogmaster is all about Lady Gaga.  

Uh-huh Uh-huh.  

Her song, "Just Dance," is on board some Cebu Pacific Air flights, providing background music for the airline's safety demonstration.   

Following the standard--and extremely boring--safety demo, several of the Philippine airline's flight attendants rock out to the YouTube video, which is, according to Candica Iyog, Cebu's VP for marketing and distribution, "Just another way to bring out our fun culture and showcase our homegrown talents. 
We plan to roll this out onto more flights after receiving great commendations from the global public."  

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Just5 offers mobile phones that are designed for people who need easy operation, big buttons, amplified sound, a long-lasting battery, and an emergency SOS button.  Perfect for seniors!

Just5’s phones offer large buttons--helpful for calling and texting--a high-volume speaker (sound up to 100dB), a digital display that enhances accurate dialing and texting; a switch on the phone that locks and unlocks the keypad, and how about this:  There's an FM radio, a flashlight, and a speaking keypad!

Interested?  Here's a video and some explanatory text about the Just5.


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 SeniorNet provides computer training for adults age 50 and older. 

A membership site--first-year members pay $40/year; renewing members pay $30 for each subsequent year--SeniorNet instruction teaches us how to use computers and how to broaden our learning experience by accessing the Internet.  

The website claims that SeniorNet is "the nation's leading and most respected provider of access to and education on computer technologies and Internet for adults age 50+."   

SeniorNet membership provides users with a free email account, plus access to SeniorNet Learning Centers and online training.

Learning Centers offer individual courses ranging from beginner to intermediate skill levels.  Instruction is provided by senior volunteer teachers and coaches.  Among the 30 courses are "Intro to Computers and Internet and E-mail"--the basics--and such advanced subjects as "Cybersecurity" and "Digital Imaging."

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