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Cafe Baby Boomers provides tips specifically for the Boomer generaton.  Topics include Health/Fitness, Relationships, Travel/Leisure/Sports and Recreation, and Retirement--plus a "Boomer Blog."

Here's an example of the Cafe's content.  The subject:  Snoring.


Causation.  Snoring is caused by a tightening of the airway so that air cannot pass freely, which causes the snoring noise.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  A completely closed airway that prevents breathing.  Obstructive sleep apnea requires the attention of a medical professional.  

Suggestions.  Researchers have concluded that smoking and drinking make snoring worse.  Avoiding junk food helps, too.  Sleeping pills ar culprits as well.  Changing the sleeping position may also provide temporary relief.  

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Just5 offers mobile phones that are designed for people who need easy operation, big buttons, amplified sound, a long-lasting battery, and an emergency SOS button.  Perfect for seniors!

Just5’s phones offer large buttons--helpful for calling and texting--a high-volume speaker (sound up to 100dB), a digital display that enhances accurate dialing and texting; a switch on the phone that locks and unlocks the keypad, and how about this:  There's an FM radio, a flashlight, and a speaking keypad!

Interested?  Here's a video and some explanatory text about the Just5.


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SENIORS HELPING SENIORS--http://www.seniorshelpingseniors--is an ingenious service that matches those seniors who need in-home assistance--home maintenance, for example--with other seniors who are able to provide the necessary services. 

The program, started in 1989, is a unique, intra-generational companion service intended specifically for senior citizens.  Hourly rates for these services are reasonable for both providers and users. 
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