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The year's coolest new cars debut at the Paris Auto Show.  Fans of the Great Places Blogmaster will recall a recent post on the subject of the 50 worst cars in the world a week or so ago. 

Today, however, your Blogmaster recommends that you check out this link, which illustrates eight of the coolest cars in the spotlight at the Paris Auto Show.

There, you'll find this beauty, the 911 Porsche Speedster, the throwback to the amazing Porsche 356 that ended production in 1965. 

The Speedster 911, offering a 408-horsepower, six-cylinder engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission. 

Production will be limited to just 356 cars, which will have lower windshields than other 911,s as well as a "double-bubble" hardcover that can substitute for the manually-operated cloth top.

And the paint color?  "Pure Blue," developed specifically for the Speedster 911. 

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Cafe Baby Boomers provides tips specifically for the Boomer generaton.  Topics include Health/Fitness, Relationships, Travel/Leisure/Sports and Recreation, and Retirement--plus a "Boomer Blog."

Here's an example of the Cafe's content.  The subject:  Snoring.


Causation.  Snoring is caused by a tightening of the airway so that air cannot pass freely, which causes the snoring noise.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  A completely closed airway that prevents breathing.  Obstructive sleep apnea requires the attention of a medical professional.  

Suggestions.  Researchers have concluded that smoking and drinking make snoring worse.  Avoiding junk food helps, too.  Sleeping pills ar culprits as well.  Changing the sleeping position may also provide temporary relief.  

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Del Webb is a major company in the senior homebuilding industry.  The firm periodically conducts surveys of Baby Boomers as a way to understand what this enormous generation is thinking. 

According to the findings from the 2010 survey, Baby Boomers think that "old age" is just a state of mind:  "Age is nothing; attitude is everything." 

Here are some other highlights of the recent survey:

    Boomers believe that "old age" really doesn't begin until age 80;
    Boomers believe that there is a growing difference between their "real" age and their "perceived" age;
    Boomers are fans of exercise: More than 50 percent of them exercise regularly;
    Boomers turning 50 this year believe they need to save more money than older Boomers

Here's an interesting finding:  Boomers believe that the cost of living and access to health care are more important than living in a warm climate.

The survey is also available in PowerPoint format.

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