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Scientists at Scotland's Edinburgh Napier University have filed a patent for a new biofuel--called "biobutanol"--that can be used in ordinary vehicles without any modifications!  The source of this wonder gas?  Whiskey distillation!

The two-year research project found that two main byproducts in the whiskey distillation process--pot ale, a liquid produced by the copper stills, and draff, the spent grains--create butanol, which can be used as fuel. 

Scientists claim that biobutanol will be the next-generation biofuel, producing 30 percent more power than ethanol.  Martin Tangney, who directed the research, says that "
The most likely form of distribution of the biofuel would be a blend of perhaps 5 percent or 10 percent of the biofuel with petrol or diesel, but 5 percent or 10 percent means less oil, which would make a big, big difference."

Scotland's $6.2 billion whiskey industry is one of the country's largest, producing 1.6 billion liters of pot ale and nearly 200,000 metric tons of draff











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An article in today's The Daily Beast ranks the TOP 40 healthiest hamburgers.   

One of them, from Jack in the Box, has a mere 290 calories, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 570 milligrams of sodium, and 32 carbs. 

The Beast's study included 42 popular fast-food and sit-down chains, but only burgers with 700 calories or less made the cut.  A mere 90 burgers met that limit, and not a single one of them could be found at a sit-down restaurant--an Applebee's, for example, or an Outback Steakhouse.

The Food Network doyenne, Paula Deen, recently introduced the Lady's Brunch Burger, pictured at left.  If low-cal isn't on your menu, perhaps Ms. Deen's doughnut-bun offering will tempt your palate. 

Ingredients:  Two glazed doughnuts?  Check.  Bacon?  You bet.  Fried egg?  Yup.

Still hungry?






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Katy Perry's "California Gurls" took the top spot on Billboard's TOP 100 for six consecutive weeks, giving Parry her second #1 single in the U. S.  "California Gurls" also claimed Number One status in Canada, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, UK and New Zealand.  (Source:

Three Minnesota college students decided to challenge Parry by remodeling her tune to reflect their pride in their home state.  Their version, not surprisingly called "Minnesota Gurls," has enjoyed more than 1 million YouTube hits.  You can listen to it
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