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We have created a remarkable series of programs that meet a critical need in the multi-housing industry.  The author is Kathy (McKenna) Harmon, CPM, ARM, CRM, and CSA.   There are several programs available.  We would like to introduce you to two of them.

Course 001 My Leasing Coach

 - a revolutionary series of seminars that:

•   are available on demand by subscription to any computer;

•   combine very personal "live" instruction with simultaneous PowerPoint visuals;

•   are given in short digestible segments, test student's knowledge and assign practice homework;

•   may be taken over an extended period resulting in new, more effective skills;

•   focus entirely on proven, effective leasing and retention skills;

•   are delivered by a nationally recognized author and trainer; and

•   produce amazing, extremely cost-effective results!

Introducing Kathy.  Kathy owned a property management company with a substantial portfolio for 15 years, taught property management at the University of Saint Thomas School of business, co-authored five industry texts and has given thousands of seminars. But of greatest importance is her success at training, coaching and mentoring the frontline.  "I know what works and I love making a positive difference!"

So what makes this series different?  Kathy says, "I have attended, sent hundreds of employees to and personally taught seminars on sales, leasing, and resident retention.  The material was often marvelous but change is very difficult.  Back in the office ideas soon faded and positive results were rare.  Studies show that habits (good or bad) take about two weeks to establish but 12 weeks of concerted effort to break. 

“This course makes positive change real. The short segments are easy to understand.  Each session contains specific examples of new methodologies.  The students are told what to do, how to do it and why it is important.  I stay with them both on screen and via telephone, e-mail and comment exchange and will work with them individually if they are struggling at any point in the course.  No other program provides this personal commitment at only pennies a day."

Why this and why now?  Only recently has inexpensive technology made this possible.  Managers are rarely able to consistently oversee leasing staff encounters with prospects and customers.  We read reports, analyze data and search for causes of poor conversion ratios, rising vacancy and turnover.  We often invest additional dollars in advertising.

Even companies with training departments find it difficult to react quickly or effectively to skill deficiencies before they become habitual.  We could all use a mentor, someone to coach us on a regular basis. This course was created to meet that need. 

This is a comprehensive, easily understood way to train new hires.  But each individual session will stand on its own.  Here's Kathy again:  "I've been told that the segments are effective in staff meetings.  Two current customers take one segment each week and focus the entire company on improving a specific skill set – for example, guest card use or securing prospect appointments.  Property managers tell me they feel far more productive on site visits, when they are able to correct substandard behavior they observe by immediately calling up an individual My Leasing Coach segment and using it to guide a short corrective discussion." 

What if you spent 15-20 minutes with a mentor a couple of times a week?  Human learning studies have shown that to be really good at something requires 10,000 hours of practice. No wonder change is so difficult!  But, given this statistic, it is no surprise a couple of seminars each year don’t make us much better at our job.  In this course we ask participants to do the following:

  • Suspend their belief system and accept that there might be a better way to “sell/lease” than what they have always done and
  • With their supervisor, regularly watch consecutive sessions on their computer screen, engage in the process, focus on the session topic, perform the homework assignments and practice the recommended techniques.  Then:

"I promise it will double - even triple - their lease conversion rates, dramatically improve the company bottom-line and improve the retention rate of loyal residents."

Course 002 Fair Housing

Our second offering is an on-demand Fair Housing course that is given in four segments, augmented by a comprehensive workbook (downloadable) and punctuated with a series of test questions to insure comprehension.  Most property management companies require employees to attend a Fair Housing seminar once or twice each year.  But staff turnover is a fact-of-life and too often new employees are put in place before they are exposed to any fair housing training. These novices - whether on the leasing, management, cleaning or maintenance staff put themselves, their owners and companies at tremendous risk.  

So what makes this series different?  Skilled professionals teach it.  Both Kathleen Harmon and Laurence Harmon are Certified Property Managers and have been accredited to teach Fair Housing by ARELLO, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials   Laurence is also an attorney currently licensed to practice in Minnesota and retired from practice in both California and Oregon.  The Harmons understand the law, but more important, they know what it takes to supervise the front line of the multifamily industry.  They teach the course through vignettes, stories and engaging lecture segments at the level that all staff members will understand.  Many cases being brought against management companies involve the treatment the resident receives after they move in – not before.  This course is dedicated to delivering this course to all your personnel quickly, effectively, and at minimum cost. 

For more information contact Kathy via e-mail at or call her directly at 612.850.3123.  She's eager to talk with you.