Chapter 12 - Resource Directory

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Here is a directory of some websites that you may find useful. If there is any subject not covered or information you are unable to find please e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Useful Resource Categories

Aging Gracefully/Exercise/Diet/Nutrition

Baby Boomer Lifestyles

Caregiver Support offers a wealth of information and support for people caring for a sick spouse offers info and referrals for caregivers. There is a minimal membership fee and a small charge for some of their materials

Disease Specific Sites

Parkinsons -
Alzheimers -

Financial Contact for a free booklet on reverse mortgages National Reverse Mortgage Lenders National Center for Home Equity Conversion

Government Sites and Agencies – Provides listings of subsidized senior apartments  Ombudsman can provide info on facility complaints/issues and may be valuable in helping compare homes….every state has one for the elderly and service is free Rural development low-interest repair loans for very low income and elderly homeowners The Internal Revenue Service site provides forms, answers to requently asked questions and contact information

Insurance Provides quotes on long-term care policies available to military and federal employees. Compares insurance rates of more than 200 companies Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

Legal National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys Useful legal forms

Ombudsman Ombudsman can provide info regarding facility complaints/issues and may be valuable in helping compare homes. Every state has one for the elderly and the service is free

Professional Organizations National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers National Association of Home Care Providers

Quality - Check out the Quality First Covenant……Facilities agree to sign this covenant to be members of aahsa….. Great quality voluntary program 200 in MN or
Provide comparisons of nursing homes and in home health care agencies Report card is available in 18 states Zip code search provides a nursing home directory. Site also provides quality measurements and staffing info

Safey Lists more than 30,000 assistive technology devices

Finding Resources within your STATE

Great Places provides useful links to state websites where you can access housing directories and, in most cases, the offices of the ombudsmen. NOT every state website is easily accessible and some are frustrating to navigate. In providing the following we hope we have made your quest for housing information a little easier.

If looking for housing directory search
Click: Services
Find: Ombudsman

Montgomery, Alabama …… Limited search
Click: Online Service Directory
Scroll services: housing/elderly
Click: Search now

If looking for housing directory search

Directory of nursing homes and assisted living facilities
Provides up-to-date info on inspections, complaint investigations & quality ratings

Phoenix, Arizona
Find: Community Resource section
Find: Housing
Click: Assisted Living Facilities
Find: assisted living or long term care: Provides 3 formats to download directories for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, respite care & adult foster care

Access Arkansas consumer guide to nursing homes
Home page provides ombudsman info, assisted living choices,
Independent living choices


Quick access:
Select housing Option: Nursing Homes
Home Health Care
Congregate Living
Residential Care Facilities
Hospice Services
Adult Day Care
Continuing Care Retirement
Provides directories and quality ratings for facilities
Click: More search options to search by city, county
Independent Living Options…search by zip code

If looking for housing directory search

Find: Directory of providers


Find: Nursing home directory
Find: Assisted living directory

District of Columbia
Find: Nursing home services….Provides directory of facilities

Florida Find: Housing &Assisted Living…. Provides a Find a Facility by County Search for affordable ALF in state & Adult Family Care Homes

Provides facility location and information by county, city or zip code

Search: Programs & Services
Find: Long-Term Care
Scroll to: Hawaii links for directory of skilled nursing & intermediate care facilities

Click: Programs & Services to access Ombudsman & Survey results for all long-term care facilities
Click: Scroll down to Other Links….Then access A Guide to Long Term Care
Click: Home care, Nursing homes, Assisted Living to access directory of facilities
Select: care option and search

Ombudsman contact on home page
Click: Long term care on home page
Click: Survey of long term care facilities
Provides links to list of nursing homes in state


If looking for housing directory search

Find: Ombudsman
If looking for housing directory search

Provides directory of housing options by county for:
Adult Day Care
Assisted Living Facilities
Hospice/Respite Services
Independent Living
Home Health Care
Nursing Home Compare

Kentucky Division of Aging Services
Click: Aging Service
Click: Aging and Independent Living….offers link which provides report & list of nursing homes with history of serious quality issues (SFF)
Click: Retirement communities for directory of facilities
Click: Assisted Living Communities for directory of facilities
Click: Adult Day Care …follow link
In Search box: enter long term care…search files for directory of nursing homes by county

Office of elderly affairs
Find: ombudsman office
If looking for housing directory search

Select: Elderly Services
Find: Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing homes
Home Health Agencies
Enter search information to access directory

Click: Services and programs….
Find: long term care ombudsman….
Find: Nursing Home Guide….
Click: “How to find a nursing home” to access directory by county
Click: data and ratings….provides performance info on quality measures
Find: Housing options
Home Health Care
Congregate Housing
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Group Homes
Select option and find “facility search” to access directory of facilities
Assisted living directory:
Search by county or zip code for facilities
Office of Health Care Quality offers nursing & assisted living reports
Visitors may request copy of a facilities list of recent deficiencies


If looking for housing directory search

If looking for housing directory search


Search from Great Places Home Page

If looking for housing directory search


If looking for housing directory search

Click: Programs and services
Click: Long term care
Find: Ombudsmen
Find: Housing Options
Find: Facility Search currently under construction
Assisted Living
Adult Foster Care
Adult Day Care
Veterans Homes
Shared Homes
Select housing option
Search directory by county, city, zip code

Find: Long term care for Ombudsman
If looking for housing directory search

Select: Aging Services
Select: Ombudsman
Select: Resources for Seniors
Find: Assess My Needs to enter criteria to begin search for housing options

New Hampshire

If looking for housing directory search

New Jersey
Select type of facility: Nursing homes, Assisted Living, Hospice, Home Health Care, Residential Health Care Facilities
Search for directory by county or city
Site offers facility evaluation report card information

New Mexico
Click: Elder Right for Ombudsman
If looking for housing directory search

New York
Find: ombudsman
Click: Housing
Find: “Search the Guide”
Find: Begin your search
Search directory contains 13 types of housing options by county. Search by criteria or
Find: Directory of Assisted Living Facilities
Find: Directory of Adult Care Facilities
Find: Long Term Care to access Nursing Home Profile to find and compare Nursing homes in New York

North Carolina
Click: Long term care options
Find: Ombudsman
Find: Nursing Homes
Find: list of homes
Provides a PDF directory of nursing home facilities by alphabet or county, adult care homes, hospice care

North Dakota
Search: Nursing Homes
Find: Health Resources
Click: List of Nursing Homes facilities
Search: Assisted Homes: Medicaid
Find: List of Assisted Living facilities
Click: List of facilities

Find: Ombudsman program
Find: Long-term Care Consumer Guide
Provides directories for nursing homes, assisted living, home health options & Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

Find: Long-term care facilities
Provides a directory for nursing, homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, residential care homes, continuing care facilities, Alzheimer’s & dementia facilities by alphabetical listing or by county


If looking for housing directory search

Click: Professionals and providers
Find: Ombudsman
Search: nursing homes
Find: Statewide directory of nursing homes listed alphabetically
Find: Nursing home facility locator by county
Find: Provider Directories for Assisted Living Facilities (refers to AAHSA site), Nursing Homes, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Hospice Care, Home Health Care, Personal Care Homes……search by county, city, zip, or name

Rhode Island
Search: Nursing homes
Find: Nursing home regulations provides nursing home survey info to help consumer evaluate quality
Search: Assisted Living Facilities
Find: RIALA…..Directory of facilities by city, map, name

South Carolina

If looking for housing directory search

South Dakota
Provides directory of assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, adult day care, in home health care, and senior apartments.

Find: Facilities directory by type of service & county for assisted living, nursing homes, home health care, hospice care
Find: Nursing Home Reports
Find: Nursing Home Surveys


If looking for housing directory search

Find: ombudsman
If looking for housing directory search

Find: Division of Disability & Aging Services
Click: Service Providers to select type and access directory of facilities and services for nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care, residential care homes, home health care


If looking for housing directory search

Find: In home services
Find: Assisted living
Select type of licensed care….Assisted living/boarding homes, nursing homes, adult family homes or contact info for non-licensed housing…..Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Independent Living
Find: quick link to find licensed facility in area by city, county, zip code

West Virginia
Search: Nursing homes
Find: ombudsman

Find: Ombudsman
Select type of care….long term care for nursing homes, assisted living, home health care, Alzheimer’s& dementia care
Find: directory of facilities by county, city, name

If looking for housing directory search


Useful Organizations - Everyone knows this site……..Offers many resources, information and services……AARP BULLETIN provides a state by state guide to nursing home performance giving the specific websites which provide this information in each state……Must access the BULLETIN….scroll down to find what are the best sources to provide quality comparisons in every state…..Notes which states provide nursing home report cards, surveys, inspection reports, ombudsman offices and more……. Provides referrals for geriatric care managers who help in assessment and placement along with a range of other services…….Fees range from $75-$150 per hour…… - National organization for home care and hospice providers National Institute on Aging Resource Directory for Older People National Center for Senior Housing Research provides information regarding the latest technologies, trends and housing issues - A source for spam free searching.

465Tenth General Directory

Babelea Directory

Web Directory - Top Sites

MiriBlack Directory

Businesses on the Net

Londovor Web Directory

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