Posted by: Jeremy McKenna on 12/8/2010

I’m mad as hell about the way our elderly population—our parents, relatives, our senior relatives and friends—are shoved aside, tormented, victimized and abused.  Our seniors are also the most likely victims of mistreatment and brutality, often at the hands of their “loved ones.” And older Americans are less likely to complain because they’re too ashamed--or unable--to describe how they’ve been hustled or abused.

I've introduced you to 
Brianna Broitzman, the Albert Lea, Minnesota nursing home “caregiver” who was charged with 11 criminal counts for abusing and sexually humiliating elderly residents suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia. Broitzman pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail. 

Today, the Senior Watchdog shines the spotlight on Ashton Larson, Broitzman’s co-defendant and co-conspirator.  Both were charged with spitting into residents’ mouths, groping their breasts and genitals, among other abusive crimes

Larson also admitted to getting into bed with a resident and making “humping motions,” and inserting her finger into a resident’s rectum, claiming that she was trying to initiate a bowel movement. 

Broitzman admitted that she and Larson took photos and made videos of these helpless residents “for fun.” 

Michael Larson, Ashton’s father, was interviewed on
NBC TV’s “Today” show shortly after the arrest.  He claimed that some of the allegations against his daughter were not “as they appear” and “have been distorted” in the news accounts of the charges.  He added, "My daughter was doing nothing more than performing the duties of her job." (The Senior Watchdog wonders if Ashton's duties included any humane treatment of her victims.)

Perhaps as an attempt to explain or justify her conduct, on the day the charges were filed and the mug shot at right was taken, Ashton Larson wrote on her MySpace page "i hate when there is nothing to do ... i cant stand being bored ... ah its fun gettin to know new people ... im up for anything."

Here's the
criminal complaint that charged Larson with her crimes. 

We at Great Places are appalled every time a senior is a victim of a crime.  That's why we'll name names, publish mug shots and describe in detail the kinds of crimes that are committed against them.  Brianna Broitzman and Ashton Larson are only two of the vicious criminals who specifically target helpless elders.  There are dozens--hundreds--of others like them.  THE SENIOR WATCHDOG is on the case.

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