A Good Time to Hit Your 60’s

Posted by: Kathy Harmon on 7/26/2012

A Good Time to Hit Your 60’s    

When I was a child, both of my grandmothers lived with us.  One of them eventually went to a nursing home and passed away shortly thereafter.  Few housing choices were available to seniors until the last couple of decades.  You could live in your home, live with your kids or go into a nursing home. 

Not so today.  I know that many boomers weren’t great “savers” so they are heading for retirement with little more than social security or a small retirement check to rely upon. But what marvelous housing options they now have to choose from.  I don’t think most people understand how affordable and desirable an independent living apartment community can be.

My very favorite client is Habitat America, LLC with properties concentrated throughout the eastern U.S.  They have recently opened a new senior community in Walkersville, Frederick County, Maryland.  It’s called Victoria Park at Walkersville.

It is simply lovely and extremely affordable.  A couple who make $30,120 or less with one member at least 62 and the other at least 55 can live in a large one-bedroom apartment for $716 a month.  This is an independent living  apartment community but it’s like moving to a great new neighborhood. 

The Boomer generation has slightly different values than their parents.  They want (and need) exercise.  This community has a wonderful fitness center.  They also drive and entertain.  Victoria Park understands this and provides lots of parking and charming gathering spaces to have coffee, play games and plan trips.  There are frequent educational events and residents often car pool to social, cultural and historical sites in Frederick County. 

If you live in the area or are considering relocating to a great new community, I highly recommend you stop for a visit.  Oh, I didn’t mention the second major reason I like this client – Habitat America, LLC hires the best people, trains them well and it shows in how they do their jobs.

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