Hearts and Hammers - Volunteers Impact a Family and Community by Kathy Harmon

Posted by: Jeremy McKenna on 10/2/2010

I am a huge proponent of volunteerism.  For the past few years, one of the organizations to which I belong, has participated in Hearts and Hammers.  It is sort of a mini-Extreme Makeover.  The Hearts and Hammers organization interviews needy homeowners who, for financial or physical reasons, cannot manage the upkeep of their home.  One Saturday morning each September 40+ volunteers descend on their assigned home and completely repair and paint the exterior and totally re-landscape the yard of a chosen recipient.    Hearts and Hammers has concentrated on two blighted neighborhoods in our community for the past two years and the transformation is beginning to have a dramatic impact.  I thought you might enjoy viewing the video from last week’s event.  When we began it was raining and cold.  We’d brought spare siding, plants and paint but the 100 year old home needs far more than we had anticipated. 


I dedicate a couple of hours each week to give back to my community and my church for all that they have given to me.  I strongly encourage you to do the same.  I guarantee you will be given back far more than you give, you will feel a joy that comes with almost no other gift giving and you will set an example for other family members, neighbors and especially your children and grandchildren.  As a matter of fact, take them with you.  If you can’t find an organization that appeals to you, call nursing homes, hospitals or just start your own!

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